About Us

Arena Rock Photos is pleased to make available these unique concert photos, unearthed after 30 years, of an era gone by – when rock bands ruled arenas worldwide.

As an amateur photographer and musician in my teens, I set out to photograph as many of my favorite bands as I could during the late 70s and early 80s. Many of these photos capture the artists at the pinnacle of their careers and include classic member line-ups. After three decades in storage I happened to look through some of my photos and had forgotten how vivid they actually were. I then decided I would make them available for others to enjoy. So after scanning the original negatives and painstakingly adjusting each image, I’m hoping these photographs will bring back great memories as they adorn your walls. But more importantly, I hope these images help capture the short period where rock and roll ruled the arenas!

Patrick Goebel

Patrick Goebel Bio Image
Still playing, here with my 1999 Les Paul Standard